Monday, 19 January 2015

AD: J7 Image 1 for 1 hair treament

Tired of your dried out hair that freaking tangles every single time you try to comb it through?


So I went down to J7 Image for a nanomist hair treatment to help save my hair (Y)
I have NEVER EVER done hair treatment before in my life because it's usually really expensive and I have like no idea what they are doing to my hair but trust me it works like magic.
Oh my gosh just look at how dry my hair is. ):<

That's the argon oil and moisturising mask they applied to my hair to help treat it from all the damage I've done. :D

Now I am gonna introduce to you my new bestfriend, the NANOMIST HAIR TREATMENT

The nanomist treatment (very atas) uses the latest technology to help treat dry hair, it is water based, making your hair soft and silky after the treatment.

Basically what is does is to pump distilled water ( its water particles are soooo tiny which makes it super easy to be absorbed by the hair for a better treatment )

The experience is sho cool, it's rare that I see a vacuum cleaner look alike pump mist on my hair like WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO

Well after that they did the other steamy thingy which I find really funny

Last but not least, I got my hair straightened and softened further using this "Steam Pod"
Apparently it works somewhat like a hair straightener but doesn't dry out the hair because science and it helps to make my hair super duper smooth like whuuuuuttt.

If you don't believe me just look at these pictures for comparison.

BEFORE treatment:

AFTER Nano Mist Treatment:


Sho soft and fluffy hair and also it smells really nice hahahahaha :D <3


And also I brought my friend Yvonne to dye her hair because she wanted a new look for the new year and they did a really good job. MOST IMPORTANTLY, she was SOOOOO HAPPY .
Thank you J7 Image for making my best friend and I look awesome.

Here's her transformation :
<3 <3 <3

Doesn't she look fabulous?

Speaking about bringing my friend, J7 IMAGE is having a 1 FOR 1 HAIR TREATMENT RIGHT NOW !!

Enjoy the hair treatment worth $157 with your buddy
If two of you split the cost it's at like $78.50 each (which is like cheap for a really good hair treatment)


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  1. Hey, the 1 for 1 hair treatment is nanomist hair treatment right? Any length restriction?